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Binance Referral Code

New Binance users can use the referral code to receive the Binance referral bonus and unlimited discounts. ...
Binance Referral Code App 2022.

Official “40218289” Referral Code Gives Upto $100 Sign-up Bonus. Referral Code “40218289” Gives 100% Extra Benefits.

  • Binance referral code and invite code to get $100 discount on signup

  • Referer Referral Reward

    Referrer receives

    40% of the commission taken by Binance each time the referee completes a transaction

  • Referee Referral Reward

    The referee gets

    20% to 40% kickback rates on all trades

  • Referral process

    Click on the Binance referral link,

    then click create an account. You will then be able to start using coinbase and buy bitcoins, etherics and litecoins. The $ 10 coupon code will automatically be added to your wallet once you redeem more than $ 100.

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